Thank you for visiting my website. I have been producing films in Madison, Wisconsin, for a little over five years. I have been formally trained on the creative and the technical side of the video production process. I have worked for several years in the video production industry as an associate producer employed at a commercial firm and an all-in-one freelance videographer. I have also worked in a variety of different positions on a number of independent film sets. My diverse background allows me to adapt to the needs of anyone who is looking for creative, thoughtful, high-quality video. I invite you to explore my production work and review my resume, and see if my talents can work for you!

NOTE: This is a private portfolio website. In order to respect the rights of all parties involved in the production of these videos, the pages on this site that contain my video work require a password for access. If you are interested in viewing these pages, please refer to the written documentation I have sent to you, or contact me for more information. I appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter, and once again, thank you for visiting!